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CrossFit Jersey City - CrossFitSkillWarm-up (No Measure)Burpees Box Jumps DB Snatch Burpee Box Jump OversConditioningMetcon (Time)100m Run 10 Airsquats 10 Situps 200m Run 20 Airsquats 20 Situps 300m Run 30 Airsquats 30 Situps 400m Run 40 Airsquats 40 SitupsUse this workout to figure out what kind of pace you need…

Strength Day

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CrossFit Jersey City - GymnasticsSkillWarm-up (No Measure)Handstand Box Circles Toes to Bar Hollow PositionsStrengthWarm-up (No Measure)10 Handstand Box Circles, Alternating with a partner Sx - Wall Walks CRx - Add plates as obstaclesStrengthWarm-up (No Measure)EMOM10: 1 Strict Pull Up (Sx - Banded Pull Down) 1 Kipping Pull Up (Sx -…