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Member Testimonials

At CrossFit Jersey City, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.
  • Lindsey O

    I recently joined this gym in February after moving to the area and having been a member of a gym were I use to live. All of the members were very friendly, and all of the coaches were welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. Shortly after joining, the gym changed ownership and the new owner made new and improved updates (new jump ropes and more time clocks). I’m very happy to be a member here, and I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone in the area. It is an intimate space with classes that fill up, but that is just a testament to the great coaching and intensity of the classes!! I’m looking forward to continuing working out here and improving my abilities!

  • Rob C.

    I joined CrossFit Jersey City back in March having no previous CrossFit or weightlifting experience and with no idea what to expect. At that time, I was just running a few times a week but was getting bored with it and not getting any faster. Simply put, my goal was to add CrossFit to my routine in order to lose weight, get stronger and become faster. Today I continue to work on and achieve those goals— I’m losing weight, all my weightlifting has increased and have taken almost 40 minutes off my marathon time PR. It is to the credit of the coaches, ownership and members that make this such a great community

  • Robyn L.

    My best friend and I visited during our vacation and took a class with Janine. She and Russ could not have been more welcoming and awesome. The workout was challenging and scalable, the facility was clean and well-equipped, and in short we could not have been more happy to find this place.

  • Hannah L.

    I’ve been going to CFJC for about 2.5 years – basically since the day they opened. The community at CFJC is stellar – your classmates will cheer you on through every workout and celebrate with you afterwards. Classes are kept small so each athlete can receive individual attention from the coaches. Because the gym is small, the owners are able to cater to the requests of their athletes and have done a wonderful job of providing what people want.

    In addition to standard CrossFit classes, the gym offers a weightlifting club, focusing on the Olympic lifts (snatch and clean-and-jerk) and a running club. If you’re looking for a tight-knit community of athletes who will help you push to reach your goals, CFJC is the place!


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