Established in 2012, CrossFit Jersey City strives to provide the premier fitness facility in Jersey City, where everyone is engaged not just in their own results but in the efforts and results of their fellow members Through a combination of superior coaching, high quality equipment and a constantly varied approach to programming, our members can pursue their health and fitness goals in an environment that is, in equal parts, safe, well coached, challenging and fun.

Our goal at CrossFit Jersey City is to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

If it’s as simple as wanting to lose some weight or tone up (who doesn’t want to look better naked?!); to get in shape for a wedding or vacation; have more stamina for sports or run your first 5k/10k or marathon; keep up with your kids/grandkids (and even great, great grandkids in the future) or just lead a healthier, more mobile lifestyle, we can help!

Our coaches are passionate about what they do and each has a specialty, whether it’s endurance, gymnastics, strength or nutrition. They are here to help you and keep you accountable. Every one of us is invested in YOUR success.

If you want to invest in your OWN success, schedule a No Sweat Intro now. Come in and take a look around, meet some coaches and members and discuss how we can make each CrossFit class the BEST HOUR OF YOUR DAY!


A No-Sweat Intro is a chance for you to come into the gym and have a 20-30 minute chat with one of the coaches.  You’ll discuss your fitness goals and we’ll discuss how CrossFit might be able to help you achieve them.


We call it a ‘No-Sweat Intro’ as you won’t actually be working out the first time you come in.  You’ll see what a regular CrossFit class looks like and how we structure what we hope will eventually become the best hour of your day!  If you like what you see and hear, we can get you started as soon as the next day!

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