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Choose Your Hard

Life is Hard.  Every day we make a lot of decisions, many of them subconsciously and somewhat inconsequential (e.g. should I drive this way home, ...
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The Importance of Maintaining Muscle Mass as we Age

Muscle mass is important to both longevity and quality of life. As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, which can lead to a number ...
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Are You Eating Enough? Chances Are You’re Not!

Every time we step into the gym, we put in the work, right? But, what if someone told you that you may not be eating ...
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Fitness, in so many ways, is the gift that keeps on giving because of its potential to play so many roles in our day-to-day lives. ...
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The First Step To Success: Setting Realistic Goals

Can you remember the last time that you chased a new goal? Maybe it was a heavy weight PR, a faster race time, or even ...
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New To CrossFit? Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

CrossFit gets a bad rap for being the intimidating kid on the block. Starting a new fitness program can already be intimidating. The stereotypes that ...
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Want to be a better endurance athlete? Do CrossFit.

When balanced correctly, endurance training and functional fitness work together synergistically to make you a much more effective athlete from a 360-degree perspective.
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Intermittent Fasting and CrossFit

The evidence suggests that you absolutely can mix IF and CrossFit, but your success with it will all depend on what you are currently ready, ...
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Does Step Counting Really Matter?

Simply put, no, it doesn’t. Counting the number of steps you take ignores two very important elements of exercise: intensity and other movements. INTENSITY: STEPS ...
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Why Does CrossFit Work?

CrossFit works because it allows us to consistently get fitter (whatever that may mean to you) through varied programming (avoiding routine) that will push you ...
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