From Swedish ballet to Spanish CrossFit

When I think about all the physical moving around I have done through my 41 years, I feel like I should be a whole lot …

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Be brave enough to be bad at something new

My Story   I am the husband to my beautiful wife, Sam; father to my handsome sons; son to my amazing parents, Sonia and Domenico, and …

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Timing is TRULY everything

Some of you might already know me but there are many that I have yet to meet. Please allow me to officially introduce myself. My …

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The Energizer Bunny

The ‘Energizer Bunny’ was a name I had been given by a local newspaper after a rec league soccer game. The name says it all …

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I wanted to be an Olympic champion

Growing up, I was always athletic and “abnormally strong”. Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, I was known as the trackstar that was going …

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I wasn’t supposed to be in the fitness business…

My life was on a different path…until it wasn’t. Growing up I was a normal kid. Played on the monkey bars, ran around the playground, …

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How I became the owner of CrossFit Jersey City

Back in 2012 I was 43 years old and 26 years into a pretty successful career in banking (yes I really did start at age …

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