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Back in the Game (persevering through injuries)

There are so many quotes that float around to illustrate that hardships actually mold you into a better person: What doesn’t kill you makes you ...
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Mental Toughness

The last 4 months (and counting) have tested everyone on many levels. The obvious is the physical toll. The slightly less obvious is the mental ...
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The 10 General Physical Skills

Try searching for a definition of ‘fitness’ and you will get many different and sometimes confusing answers. In a 2002 CrossFit Journal article, the founders ...
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The hardest part of getting fit

The hardest part of getting fit isn’t what you think it might be, by Travis Dalrymple The fitness world has been constantly changing over the ...
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Can you afford to NOT workout?

One of the most common reasons I hear when I ask someone what might stop them from achieving their fitness goals is “I can’t afford ...
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JCFit Member Story – Andreas Hailu

“I came for the workouts but stayed for the community” I was out of shape for most of my life. I never played sports; I ...
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JCFit Vision, Mission and Values

At JCFit, we are guided by our shared values along with the Vision of the business (why we exist) and our Mission (how we’ll achieve ...
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From Swedish ballet to Spanish CrossFit

When I think about all the physical moving around I have done through my 41 years, I feel like I should be a whole lot ...
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Be brave enough to be bad at something new

My Story   I am the husband to my beautiful wife, Sam; father to my handsome sons; son to my amazing parents, Sonia and Domenico, and ...
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Timing is TRULY everything

Some of you might already know me but there are many that I have yet to meet. Please allow me to officially introduce myself. My ...
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