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The “Dark Side” of Nutrition Labels

The "Calories In & Calories Out" mindset is super common for those of us who want to lose weight. This leads to the popularity of ...
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Understanding Max Heart Rate and Why It Matters for Training

WHAT DOES MAX HEART RATE MEAN? Your max heart rate is the greatest number of beats per minute your heart can possibly reach during all-out ...
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How to Stay Motivated

…or, rather, how to stay consistent!  Because motivation is result-driven, once you see and feel positive progress, you are inclined to continue on that path. ...
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Unwritten Rules of the Gym

I’m sure you have certain pet peeves when it comes to gym etiquette. (We all do!) Here are a few points that I would like ...
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Two pink lines. Lab results. A phone call. An “I’m late” thought.  However you come to the conclusion that your eggo is preggo, this moment ...
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Weight Training for Fat Loss

High-intensity interval training and high-intensity resistance training are most effective at elevating both short and long-term after-burn. The reason HIIT-type exercises are thought to be ...
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Scaling, Progressions, and Coachability

The number one quality that coaches and athletes should be looking for is the ability to cultivate a growth mindset: Be open to try new ...
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What Happens If I Don’t Stretch After Exercising?

Good question! Not much. You probably go about your day and do your normal routine. You might feel some soreness or fatigue, but in general ...
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How to Build Muscle: Part 1

If your current goal is to build muscle (even while simultaneously trimming fat), then this guide was created for you. The information below will provide ...
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Masters Training

Facts: We are all getting older, but that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain or even improve our level of fitness. By doing so, we can ...
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