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BURN it off

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CrossFit Jersey City – BURN!

Metcon (Calories)

0-3 jumping jacks warm up into BLUE ZONE up to 65%

3-7 rower into GREEN ZONE

7-10 rower into ORANGE ZONE max 85%

10-11 take a knee

11-13 single unders in GREEN ZONE

13-16 rower into ORANGE ZONE

16-18 row sprint RED ZONE

18-19 take a knee

19-20 jog around gym into ORANGE ZONE

20-22 60’ sprints of gym in RED ZONE

22-23 take a knee

23-25 jog around gym into ORANGE ZONE

25-27 row sprint RED ZONE

27-29 single unders ORANGE ZONE

29-30 take a knee