March 2018

CFJC Spring 2018 Nutrition Challenge!


We are excited to announce our spring 2018 CFJC Nutrition Challenge: Beach Buns and Guns (get ready for summer!) We’ll start with a challenge seminar that will take place on April 8th at 12pm at the gym.  At that time we’ll explain what’s involved in the challenge, give you some information to get you started [...]

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February 2018



If you came to class yesterday you moved some pretty heavy weight, probably the heaviest weight you'll move in the gym.  And you moved it over 20 times. Someone asked after class why we do deadlifts.  Pretty good question right.  We're not moving it very far, it doesn't take very long to do and while [...]


Consistency > Intensity by Ben Bergeron


I’ve long been a fan of Ben Bergeron, more for his thoughts and philosophies of running a CrossFit affiliate than as coach to some of the world’s best athletes, although he’s really good at that too!  I listen to his podcast regularly; Travis and I attended his Affiliate Excellence seminar in Chicago last fall and we’ve implemented many of [...]

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No shortcuts


CrossFit is hard.  CrossFit is hard enough as it is.  Why would you want to make it even more difficult by moving poorly?  Everything we do is based on mechanics.  From squatting to running to pull ups to burpees, everything is surrounded by your technique.  The better your technique, the better the movement.  The better [...]

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