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CFJC/Strengthlete Nutrition Coaching Program

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On Sunday, January 8, 2017, we will begin a 12 week food coaching program with Strengthlete and Joe Nissim.  Based on the success of our last program (Fix Yo’ Eats 2016), we took all the participant feedback and made the program better than ever.

This new program will include the following:

  1. 60 minute information session with Joe to discuss:
    • Misinformation about dieting and how the media and social media influence decisions
    • How to analyze your current diet and eating habits
    • How to eat for your own body without becoming a robot
    • How to include foods your love everyday
  2. Shedding old dieting baggage
  3. A custom and personal meal plan
  4. 12 weeks of food coaching with Joe
  5. Weekly progress check-ins
  6. Online discussion forum to communicate and share with other members

The program will be scored based on a three separate and equally weighted components.  Prizes will include local JC businesses.

Please sign up here by January 7, 2017.