Last week I had the opportunity to take a tour of a new local business dedicated to recovery and relaxation – offers whole body cryotherapy, flotation therapy, an infrared sauna and Normatec recovery (you may have seen us in those big black leg sleeves in the gym – that’s Normatec).
It’s a beautiful facility, owned and operated by Anand Sukhadia who has combined his passion for holistic health and modern technology to deliver a one of a kind facility right here in Jersey City.
In the first of a short series, Anand and his team have written about the benefits of whole body cryotherapy as a means to recover from a whole host of stresses we put our body and minds through in our daily lives.  Read all the way to the end to discover a monthly recovery package Anand has put together exclusively for members of CrossFit Jersey City.
Sometimes the hardest part of an intense workout isn’t always the workout itself. Anyone who
has struggled to physically move the next morning has felt this for sure. Muscle soreness can
often feel like a badge of honor, but it can certainly make life more difficult. Even worse, without
proper recovery, the next workout can become even more stressful. If you’re serious about your
fitness regime, it’s time to get serious about your recovery methods, too. Increased full body
recovery is only three minutes away with cryotherapy.
At, we offer cryotherapy as part of our unique approach to wellness. We’ve felt firsthand
the many benefits; from relieving common aches and pains to jet lag, brain fog, even
hangovers. Cryotherapy is being utilized by athletes everywhere as a quick and efficient way to
get back to peak performance faster. With full body coverage and only three minutes max, it is
by far the most time efficient recovery process around. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen,
creating a frozen air quality that won’t shock the system or numb the muscles like a typical ice
bath. With temperatures starting at -249 degrees fahrenheit, the body begins to draw blood in,
or vasoconstriction, bringing blood flow to the core, which starts a detoxifying and anti-
inflammatory response. After the treatment, the body goes through a release, vasodilation, as
blood and oxygen rush throughout the whole body, causing an invigorating high with renewed
physical sensation.
The use of cold therapy has a long history. The ancient Greeks, including the father of medicine
Hippocrates, would incorporate the use of cold water into health treatments. We’ve come a long
way since then, as currently uses the best equipment in the market. Our Cryosense
machine offers the coldest temperatures reachable at -321 degrees fahrenheit for 3 minutes.
Inflammation doesn’t stand a chance! The machine features a drying cycle that allows it to run
continuously without any extended downtime. Because the treatment is only three minutes and
is non invasive, it’s completely safe and surprisingly bearable given the shocking temperature
points. Truly the best way to see what cold can do for you is to try it yourself. The instant kick of
endorphins matched with freedom from the dreaded muscle soreness is the best reason there is
to make cryotherapy a part of your recovery process. It can be utilized every day, and we have
special membership opportunities for those looking to take advantage of the maximum benefits
it can provide. 
For beginners, we offer a Cryotherapy Introductory Package that gives you 3
whole body cryotherapy session for $99 (Regularly $79 for one session). This package is non-
shareable and must be used within 12 days for you to see the maximum benefit. 
For CrossFit Jersey City members, we have put together a unique package of (1) 90 minute flotation therapy, (5) 3 minute whole body cryotherapy sessions and (2) 30 minute infrared sauna sessions for $339 per month.  Sessions can’t be rolled over from month to month and there is a 3 month minimum commitment.
Come freeze with us at Wellness Spa in Jersey City. For more information about Whole Body Cryotherapy,
Zero Gravity Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Normatec Recovery Massage and our Free 2
week Kangen Water Trial, visit