We are very excited to introduce you to Ascent Protein – the official sponsor of hard work and the new protein powder of choice at CFJC
As many of you know, for a number of years we have carried Strengthlete Repair and Complete as our recommended protein powders for post-workout recovery and as a supplement for when it’s hard to get enough protein from real food sources.
Late last year, Joe (the founder of Strengthlete) decided to stop production of the protein powders to focus on his nutrition coaching business. Since then, we’ve been searching for a great tasting, clean and simple replacement and have decided on Ascent.
Similar to Strengthlete, Ascent has 2 types of protein powder – a whey protein for post recovery (this will be your replacement for Repair and is best taken within 30 minutes of working out) and a micellar casein protein that is digested more slowly (your Complete replacement that is recommended to be taken before bed to allow your body to recover and repair while you sleep).
The whey is available in chocolate, vanilla, lemon sorbet and other seasonal flavors, as well as an unflavored version.  The casein comes in chocolate and vanilla.
Blake from Ascent will be at the gym on Thursday evening to help us launch, provide some tasting samples and answer any questions you may have.  There are also 2 brief videos you can watch that will give you a little more detail about Ascent and their protein.
We do have a few bags of Strengthlete left in stock which we will discount $10 ($35 for Repair and $40 for Complete) to make room for the Ascent.
We are excited for you to start trying Ascent and may it speed your recovery from the Open workouts!