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Nutrition 101: Where to start and what you need to know

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If you are new to CrossFit, you probably have a lot of questions going through your mind? The first being… What are these crazy people talking about and why do they never shut up about CrossFit?

When you came through our fundamentals program, you were taught a new movement and challenged with a new workout in every class, each one being very different from the previous.

By definition, this is CrossFit.  Some workouts were shorter sprints and others were longer and required you to pace yourself.  Some included rest, others did not.  Some used the barbell, others used body weight.  Regardless of the workout, each was challenging in a very different way.

Now that you are getting to the gym 3, 4, or maybe even 5 days per week, the natural next question is “how should I be eating?”

  • Should I be eating low carb if I want to lose weight?
  • Should I be eating high protein to gain muscle?
  • Should I try Paleo?
  • What is the best diet for CrossFit?
  • Can I still eat cheese?
  • Will everyone look at me weird if I eat cookies?

These are all great questions,  but like the fundamentals program you did to learn the basics of CrossFit, I am going to take your through a fundamentals program on nutrition.  

In the next few articles, I will take you through the following topics:

  • The building blocks of food (aka macronutrients)
  • Protein: What, When, Where, Why
  • Carbs: What, When, Where, Why
  • Fat: What, When, Where, Why
  • #1 diet myth
  • Lastly, a nutrition quiz to see how much you have learned

Whether you are here to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply look better naked, it takes both the effort in your workouts and managing what goes on your fork.  The gym and your fork work hand in hand just like a marriage.  Like any good marriage, communication, honesty, trust, and patience are required.  When one partner is slacking, both partners will suffer.  

Hence, if you are eating poorly, but continue to workout, your results will be lackluster.  If you are not getting to the gym, but eating great, you also fall short in results.  The key is a balance between the two.  

Last and most important, exercise and nutrition are not and should not be punishment.  They are not meant be a list of restrictions or an activity that makes you dread life.  If your exercise routine or nutrition plan makes you dread life, you are on the wrong plan and you will be unable to sustain it.  We do not subscribe to the ideology of the “results by extreme” approach.

Alternatively, exercise and nutrition are meant to help you feel good when you look in the mirror, feel confident in your clothes each morning, and give you the focus to take on the world each day.  They are a means to living a longer, more active, and enjoyable life.

Having this attitude is critical before you even learn a single fact, so I will refer back to it time and time again.  What I teach you in the next few articles will take time to learn and implement.  Once you do, you can carry forward these concepts for the next 30 years, not 30 days or 3 months.  If you follow closely and listen, I can teach you how to build sustainable nutrition and good quality habits that you can use to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.