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Power thrills, but speed Kills

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Get yo Dubs on!
Double Under seminar Thursday Oct 19th. Email Russell/Travis to sign up

CrossFit Jersey City – Weightlifting Club

Week 9 of this Cycle!



We will start today’s workout by working on Hip Mobility & Overhead Squat positions

You and your partner will grab a barbell and a (purple, red, or green) band.

Will mobilize with:

Banded Liftoff

Banded Hip Pull

Banded Pulls

Barbell in a Back Rack Position

2 sets of 10 strict presses with the Barbell

5 reps of 1/4 Squat Snatch Balance

5 reps of 1/2 Squat Snatch Balance

5 reps of Full Squat Snatch Balance

Power Snatch (E1.5MOM10.5)

Next, we will do 5 working sets of 5 reps at 70% of your 1 RM P. Snatch.

We will build up to 70% as follows:

Set 1: 50% x 5

Set 2: 60% x 5

Sets 3-7: 70% x 5

Weighted Dumbbell Step Ups (EMOM10)

Next we will do box steps ups with dumbbells.

Novice – 20/10

Beginner – 30/20

Intermediate – 40/30

Advanced – 50/40

3 reps per leg every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.