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“I’ve been working out at a gym before and felt that something was missing and not right. I’ve known CrossFit because of my office-mates before and saw testimonials that people guide you to fulfill your goals. That’s why I searched for a community to go to and try.

I thought that I’d be good for 3 months. But everyday is a different story to tell. I think my experience helped me to know my weaknesses and how to conquer them; know my strengths and how to improve them. I never thought I would stay here for too long but everyday I see myself getting better and better . Going to CrossFit also helped me adjust with my environment since I just moved here from the Philippines. I cannot say I’m fully adjusted but I’m getting there thanks to the community. It’s a thing that you want to stop and give up but you chose to stay and do it all over again.”


CrossFit Jersey City “As I was adding my new Snatch PR weight into the app where I track all my movements and I decided to take a look at what my progress has been recently. Once I realized how much my fitness has changed (especially since January) I thought it was a good time to just say thank you to the coaching staff at CFJC.

I have been doing Crossfit for about 6 years now (on and off) and have honestly never felt stronger than I have in the last few months. I started to think about this more lately since 3 girls (newer members of the gym) have come up to me (at different times) asking ‘how do you lift so much weight when you’re so small? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that’. Little do they know how long this journey has been and how when I first started I had the same thought process. I literally couldn’t clean a 65# bar, could only do a pull-up with a green band, and used the training bar for snatches for way longer than I’d like to admit. I realized this morning that I’ve had 13 different PRs within the last 8 months and it’s all thanks to the great coaching at CFJC, as well as the other CFJC athletes who definitely continue to push me out of my comfort zone. So THANK YOU for making sure each athlete feels like they’re being attended to, you guys are all the best!!!”


CrossFit Jersey City “It’s all about the community of athletes and the coaches that make this facility one of the best. It truly feels like you are welcomed when joining the gym. Everyone is supportive and open to chatting. My fiancee and I joined the gym, not in great shape with little knowledge of the CrossFit programming. We were both pleasantly surprised by the adjustments the coaches made to scale down the movements to help us ramp up safely.

If you’re looking for a push to take your fitness to the next level, come give it a try! We were both very happy we took the chance and tried some different.”


CrossFit Jersey City “I think it’s fun to jump on boxes, swing from the rig and run around. I like the intensity of it – it is hard to worry about other things while you are working out. I also like the bond you form with the group. I think an environment where everyone is working hard to improve themselves creates an interesting dynamic of mutual respect and admiration.

I suspect I would like it at any time in the day, but I particularly like doing it first thing. Starting my day doing something I enjoy, I think it sets a good tone for the rest of the day.”


CrossFit Jersey City “Great coaches. Great programming. They also have extra classes like BURN! that are a fun way to mix things up during the week.”


CrossFit Jersey City “Great place + amazing people + hard work [body] + relax [mind] = lOvE iT.”


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