We are less than a week away from those anxious Thursday nights when the world of CrossFit holds it’s collective breath while Dave Castro announces the Open workout for that week.
Approximately 15,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide then start a scramble to figure out how they’re going to run the workouts (how many athletes in how many heats?), if they have all the necessary equipment (there was a huge run on dumbbells last year as they made their first ever appearance in an Open workout), print out the scorecards and wonder what the scaling options will be (they don’t get announced at the same time, we have to wait for the post on Crossfit.com).
Some gyms do a Friday Night Lights thing and hold the workouts on Fridays.  We do ours on Saturday mornings.
There will be some people that want to do it on Thursday night and others that will wait until the last minute as they try to game the leaderboard.
For a very small minority, this is the start of a 5 month journey that they hope will end up in Madison, WI at the CrossFit Games.  Others will be happy to get to Regionals.  For the other 99%, including all of us at CFJC, it’s a chance to give it absolutely everything we’ve got and see how we stack up against each other and everyone else in the world.
Ultimately, we may not be in the top 1% of CrossFit athletes worldwide but we’re in the top 1% of fittest people on earth.  Very few of the people who cross your path each day can do the things you do in the gym.  Very few of those same people pay as close attention to the food they eat as you do.
Why you should do the Open
A few of you have asked the coaches “Should I sign up for the Open?” or “Have I been doing CrossFit long enough to do the Open?”.  The answer to both those questions and any others you may have that doubt your ability to do the Open, is YES!
You are going to see workouts that typically will be 7 to 20 minutes long and involve 2-4 movements. Sound familiar??  The workouts we do every day at CFJC prepare us for the Open.  Whether you’ve been with us for 1 month or 5 years, you are ready!
But whether you sign up or not, these are 5 of the best Saturdays in the gym all year.  We stick around for longer than normal, we help to judge and be judged!  We eat bagels and drink coffee and cheer each other on.  At the end of the day we post our scores & times online and see where we rank on the leaderboard.
Who doesn’t love a little bit of competition?!