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WLC – May 18, 2017

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CrossFit Jersey City – Weightlifting Club

Week 2 of this Cycle!


Clean Liftoff (5×5)

Clean Pull from the Floor to Knee. Position on Knee should depend on each athlete and where they initiate 2nd Pull.
We will start with a general warmup and work bar path using Clean Liftoffs. The key will be keeping the barbell close.

100% of your 1RM for 5 sets of 5

2 Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + 2 Push Jerks (EMOM10)

Every minute for 10 minutes, you will complete 2 Power Clean followed by 2 F. Squats, followed by 2 Push Jerks.

Your working weight will be 65% of your 1RM C&J.

Complete 1-2 warmup sets prior to starting the EMOM.