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Xfitlab testing this weekend

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We are very excited to be welcoming Xfitlab to the gym this weekend and for everyone who signed up to find out more about their bodies and their endurance.  We hope to be able to use the results in our workouts in the future.  If you are interested but haven’t signed up, there are still a few slots left – sign up sheet at the front desk.

There are a couple of things you need to know before you come in:

No food or drink (except for water) in the 3 hours prior to your test time.

Please don’t workout BEFORE your test.  You can workout afterwards.  If you are testing in the afternoon and want to workout in the morning, you will need at least 4 hours of recovery to rebuild your glycogen stores so please plan accordingly.

If you have signed up, please show up!  If you can no longer make it, please cancel before we close on Thursday.  If you are still on the schedule on Friday morning and don’t show on Saturday or Sunday, you will be charged $50.

Russell and Trav