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Are you interested in becoming the healthiest version of yourself?


Are you looking to tone up or lose weight?


Are you bored with your current exercise routine?


Do you want to look great for an upcoming event (wedding/vacation/college reunion)?


Does your family have a history of chronic disease?


Are you a little confused by all the fitness and nutrition options offering a 'quick fix'? (Hint: There is no quick fix!)

Our Fitness and Nutrition coaches will guide you every step of the way

Our 3 Step Process to Getting Started

Book a Free Intro

Come in to take a look around and meet with a coach to discuss your health and fitness goals.

Create a Custom Plan

Together we will create a plan that’s easy to follow and keeps you accountable and motivated to succeed.

Have a lot of fun and enjoy the awesome results

After just 4-6 weeks you will start to notice some changes to your physical (and mental) health. In 8-10 weeks, your friends and family will start to notice too. In 3 months, introduce a whole new YOU to the world!

The CrossFit Jersey City Difference

I joined CrossFit Jersey City as I was coming from a place close to work and wanted a place close to home. My first interactions were extremely positive from emailing about the place, then a No Sweat Intro before my first class, to having my first class with Coach Robbie and my second class with Coach Janine. Their energy is fun, professional, committed, and supportive. They’ve built a community of people that enjoy working out together while supporting each other.
I'm now able to suppress my mind from telling me I can't do something and know that I can do it, or will do it soon. My ultimate goal is to do pull ups. In the past, I would just say I can’t do that but now I know I will get there. It may not be tomorrow or next month, but I will get there.

During the CrossFit Open, the energy of everyone rooting each other on was wonderful. I really enjoyed watching the members root for each other as everyone was putting in everything they had for the level they were at.

The supportive environment of the coaches and everyone in class makes the workouts fun. It is the only time in my life that I enjoy working out regardless of how challenging it is.

Scott D. 
Scott D.

I joined CFJC after moving to Jersey City and started to look for a gym where I wouldn't be just another paying member, but a part of the community that pushes and motivates each other.

One of the first Saturdays I was there a member approached me after class and introduced herself. We had a great conversation about the workout and we went out to get coffee and breakfast together. Even though it was such a simple gesture it meant a lot to me. We are now always chatting when we see each other in class or passing through in between classes and I will never forget this warm welcome from one of the long time members of CFJC.

The trainers are incredibly motivating and encouraging while also making sure every class is fun. I never thought I would be strong enough to do a handstand push up but Janine believed in me more than I did and that's just what CFJC does! Because of CFJC coaches and their support in scaling the workouts I am now excited to come to a class where the workout is something I know i need to be working on. I no longer feel scared to attempt any workout because I know everything can be modified and it will ultimately lead to me being able to do that pull up or run that marathon!

Working out at CFJC is truly the best hour of my day. I am always looking forward to coming in and not only getting one hell of a workout, but also building friendships!

Libby V.  
Libby V.


Our Nutrition Coaching Program at CrossFit Jersey City is designed to provide you with an easy, science-based, proven approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”. Imagine the confidence you could have walking into the grocery store or a restaurant knowing exactly what you should eat to not only feel great but look great too!

Learn the top 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Established in 2012, CrossFit Jersey City strives to provide the premier fitness facility in Jersey City, where everyone is engaged not just in their own results but in the efforts and results of their fellow members.


Our coaches are passionate about what they do and each has a specialty, whether it’s endurance, gymnastics, strength or nutrition. They are here to help you and keep you accountable. Every one of us is invested in YOUR success.
If you want to invest in your OWN success, schedule a No Sweat Intro now. Come in and take a look around, meet some coaches and members and discuss how we can make each CrossFit class the BEST HOUR OF YOUR DAY!

Russell Francis

Owner and Coach

Travis Dalrymple

Head Coach and GM

Janine (J9) Hunter


Leo Crucillo


Liz Moran



A No-Sweat Intro is a chance for you to come into the gym and have a 20-30 minute chat with one of the coaches.  You’ll discuss your fitness goals and we’ll discuss how CrossFit might be able to help you achieve them.


We call it a ‘No-Sweat Intro’ as you won’t actually be working out the first time you come in.  You’ll see what a regular CrossFit class looks like and how we structure what we hope will eventually become the best hour of your day!  If you like what you see and hear, we can get you started as soon as the next day!

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