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Don’t Stress the Holidays, Thrive!

For the last month and the next couple of weeks, you have/will read a lot about how to survive through the holidays, usually with some sort of restrictive behaviors.

The choice of words matter.  Words shape perceptions and perceptions shape intention. Intention shapes just about everything. So rather than thinking about how to survive the holidays, how about we ask ourselves how we can thrive during the holidays.

Don’t feel guilty about an extra serving of sweet potato pie or apple pie and ice cream.  Don’t feel bad about another beer or glass of wine or shot of Baileys in your coffee.  Instead, enjoy these things.

Do what makes you happy and feeling good.  

You can still go to the gym.  You can still go for a walk or go skiing.  You can still eat a healthy breakfast to kickstart your day.  Just don’t feel guilty and deprive yourself of something you enjoy.  It’s a few days out of the whole year.

So, do the things you love to do, with friends and family; eat well, move when you want and rest at the right times.  

Thrive through the holidays!

Thanks to Justin Keane at Woodshed Strength and Conditioning for the inspiration behind this post.

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