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The Benefits of Strength Training for Kids & Teens

There is a common misconception that young children shouldn’t lift weights or do any type of strength training.  Some healthcare providers will tell you it damages their growing bones. But do a quick Google search for why they shouldn’t and you’ll actually find a lot of evidence that shows the opposite; in this post we will talk about the benefits of incorporating strength training for young children.

Teaching the young generation healthy habits has never been more crucial than now. Sports and outdoor activities are a great tool for the development of a child’s physical and mental capacity. Adding strength training to a sport or just on its own can be super safe and beneficial for a young growing child. 

Building confidence is the first thing that strength training is going to help achieve. As young children start to see their progress and accomplishments in a strength training program it will allow them to see they are much more capable than they thought. Also, starting them young will help them develop a positive attitude towards physical activity rather than a negative one. Doing hard things will challenge them but also make them feel proud of themselves. Building confidence through strength training can have a positive impact on other parts of their life as well.

Strength training is going to be a great tool for your child to be able to build a strong foundation. It will help them to build and keep their muscles, bones and joints nice and healthy. Injury prevention is another thing strength training will assist them in. Learning how to move well in the gym with proper form will help them start realizing how important technique is to keeping their body injury free. Especially for children playing sports with high demands on their body, strength training is a must. 

Young children will also see an improvement in their body composition as well as their physical ability. This will really show in sports and other activities they might be participating in. Improving athleticism will help them in the many things life will throw at them. 

Keeping them ready physically and mentally is the best tool we can offer them as they grow up.

Rithvik Reddy

Head of Kids and Teens Programs


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